David Aitken is the author of two novels: A Dundee Detective and Sleeping with Jane Austen.

Writing of A Dundee Detective, Alison Rae of Polygon Books said: 'David Aitken is an accomplished writer with a dashingly likeable protagonist.'  An Amazon reviewer added the comments: 'Well-written laconic style. Shades of Ray Chandler. East Coast cool.'

Sleeping with Jane Austen was called 'An ambitious novel, brilliantly realised,' by Steven Bell of Scotland Online, while Alex O'Connell of the London Times called it 'A funny-serious book in which David Aitken pokes his finger in the stomach of the traditional crime novel.'

Sleeping with Jane Austen was previously published by No Exit Press in the UK and USA, and both novels are now available on Amazon in Kindle format.

£2.05 / $2.99 / €2.60

Reviews of Sleeping with Jane Austen :



'An astonishingly vivid portrait of a catastrophically disturbed man, written with skill and precision.' (Jenny Wild, Waterstone's Catalogue)



'A waggish narrative describing a fatal fascination.. a great title.' (The Literary Review, Edinburgh)



'David Aitken has succeeded in forging a genuine work of literature which will appeal to all who have an interest in crime fiction. As confessional novels go, this is without doubt one of the best I've ever read... certainly the best book I've come across this year.' (Amazon customer review)



'Crime takes a journey into the mind of Daniel Adamson, currently penning his life story at Her Majesty's pleasure. An intellectual snob, he has more chance of sleeping with Jane Austen than of release.' (The Mirror, London)



'As the memorable title suggests, a sharp sense of humour is at work. The narration is verbally agile, and the jokes are there to ease the tension...'  (Carol Anderson, The Herald

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